Welcome to Module 10 – Typical Session and Professional Setup, the culminating segment of our life coaching certification program. In this module, you will learn the intricacies of conducting a life coaching session, from the initial greeting to closing, and receive guidance on setting up your professional practice to ensure success and make a lasting impact on the lives of your clients.

Explore the anatomy of a standard coaching session, where you will gain insight into structuring a session that is both impactful and inspiring. Submodule 10.1 will provide you with practical knowledge on organizing a typical coaching encounter, including designing session flow and optimizing the use of time to achieve maximum engagement and benefit for your clients.

In Submodule 10.2, we delve into the different phases of a coaching session, providing a comprehensive look at how to guide the client from establishing rapport, through exploration and goal setting, to commitment to action. You’ll learn how to seamlessly navigate through each phase, ensuring that each session contributes meaningfully to the client’s journey.

Diving further into the mechanics of a session, Submodule 10.3 will explore the techniques to start and close a session effectively. These bookends are crucial in defining the overall quality of the coaching experience, and we will equip you with strategies to begin with energy and conclude with clear resolutions and intentions.

Turning towards the business side of coaching, Submodule 10.4 will outline the essentials of developing and sustaining a professional coaching practice. From branding and marketing to client retention strategies, this part of the module is dedicated to setting you up for a thriving and sustainable practice.

Join us as we embark on this final yet significant part of your training, fine-tuning the skills that will distinguish you as a strong, compassionate, and effective life coach. Prepare to step confidently into your role, ready to facilitate transformation with skill, ethics, and professionalism.