Module 1 – Introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching

Welcome to the journey of becoming a transformative Positive Psychology Coach. This foundational module sets the stage for an enlightening path ahead, where you’ll gain the insight and skills to not only enrich your life but also to profoundly impact the lives of those you will coach.

Throughout this module, we’ll explore the rich historical landscape that has shaped Positive Psychology into the force it is today. We’ll peel back the layers to understand the foundational principles that serve as the bedrock of this discipline, while highlighting the various schools of thought that contribute to the broad spectrum of Positive Psychology applications.

Our focus on ethics is paramount, underscoring the gravity of the trust placed in us as coaches. We’re beginning more than a training course; we’re engaging in the construction of a framework that will guide sensitive, ethical practice as we venture into the lives of others. This is more than learning; it’s a commitment to integrity, legal awareness, and the highest professional standards.

Submodule 1.1 – History and Origins of Positive Psychology
Dive into the origins of Positive Psychology, exploring the pivotal moments and key figures that have paved the way for this transformative field.

Submodule 1.2 – Fundamental Principles of Positive Psychology
Understand the core tenets that define Positive Psychology, distinguishing it from traditional psychological approaches and aligning us with its uplifting vision.

Submodule 1.3 – Major Schools of Thought and Influences
Discover the diverse schools of thought that enrich Positive Psychology, each contributing unique insights and methods to our coaching toolkit.

Submodule 1.4 – Professional Ethics and Legal Considerations
Develop a keen understanding of the ethical framework and legal responsibilities that will fortify your practice and ensure reliability and trust in your coaching relationships.

As we embark on this exciting journey, keep in mind that your growth as a Positive Psychology Coach is at the heart of this training. Whether you come to this course with a background in coaching or are stepping into this realm for the first time, your potential for impact is immense. Together, we’ll forge a path forward that not only imparts knowledge but awakens a new consciousness in living and coaching positively. Let’s begin this journey with open minds and ready hearts.