Welcome to the Journey of Psychological Astrology
Dear Aspirant Astrologer,

Embark upon a transformative path that bridges the cosmos with the psyche, delving into the profound wisdom of the stars as reflected within us. Module 1 – Introduction to Psychological Astrology is your gateway into an enchanted realm where celestial patterns reveal the intricacies of the human mind and spirit.

_In this opening module, we will traverse through time and uncover the history and origins of psychological astrology_, an art form that synthesizes ancient astrological practices with the depths of modern psychological understanding. Psychological astrology is not only a field of study but an odyssey that commences from the external sky and leads into the inner universe of the self.

Submodule 1.1 – History and Origins of Psychological Astrology introduces you to the ancestral lineage of our craft. We will explore the auspicious moments when the ancient astrologers gazed at the stars and birthed a language that has evolved to speak to the soul’s journey through the psychological lens.

Moving through Submodule 1.2 – Fundamental Principles of Astrology in Psychology, we chart the foundational elements that construct the astrological narrative. For every celestial body and zodiac sign encodes a facet of our own psyches, waiting to be embraced and understood.

In Submodule 1.3 – Major Schools of Thought and Influences, we acknowledge the pioneers who have expanded the landscape of psychological astrology. Their insights and methodologies will become the beacons which guide us in interpreting the cosmic dance through a psychological perspective.

And before we continue on our educational voyage, Submodule 1.4 – Professional Ethics and Legal Considerations offers a compass for navigating the responsibilities and considerations of becoming a guide to those seeking astrological counsel. Integrity and ethical clarity will be the bedrock upon which your practice stands.

Whether you are a seasoned coach seeking to enrich your repertoire or you are venturing into a heartfelt career change, your dedication to understanding the celestial influences on the human condition begins now. This journey will forge within you not only the acumen of an astrologer but the wisdom of a psychological sage, equipped to enlighten and empower those who seek your guidance.

Let us now set sail toward the stars, where the stories written in light will illuminate the caverns of the heart and mind, manifesting the healer and teacher within you, as you become an adept in the art of psychological astrology.

Your odyssey awaits…